Vol 49, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents

1. Free and forced oscillations of Timoshenko beam made of viscoelastic material PDF
Arkadiy Manevich, Zbigniew Kołakowski 3-16
2. BEM and Shear lag method for interface problem of bi-material structure under static loading PDF
Varbinka Valeva, Jordanka Ivanova, Barbara Gambin 17-29
3. Lie algebra approach in the study of the stability of stochastic linear hybrid systems PDF
Ewelina Seroka, Lesław Socha 31-50
4. Application of ETR for diagnosis of damage in steel-concrete composite beams PDF
Tomasz Wróblewski, Małgorzata Jarosińska, Stefan Berczyński 51-70
5. Numerical solutions of unsteady boundary layer equations for a generalized second grade fluid PDF
Ali Keçeba s , Muhammet Yürüsoy 71-82
6. The influence of loading program on the course of fatigue damage cumulation PDF
Stanisław Mroziński 83-95
7. Trefftz functions for a plate vibration problem PDF
Artur Maciąg 97-116
8. Effects of geometrical and dimensional errors on kinematics and dynamics of Tracta coupling PDF
Pier Paolo Valentini, Eugenio Pezzuti 117-133
9. Improved method for simulating transients of turbulent pipe flow PDF
Zbigniew Zarzycki, Sylwester Kudźma, Kamil Urbanowicz 135-158
10. Impact test analysis of dynamic mechanical parameters of a rigid-plastic material with linear strain hardening PDF
Edward Włodarczyk 159-173
11. Pilot subjective decisions in aircraft active control system PDF
Jozsef Rohacs, Valery A. Kasyanov 175-186
12. Simulation and optimisation of the steering kickback performance PDF
Marek Szczotka 187-208
13. Identification of the mathematical model of an inspection mobile robot with fuzzy logic systems and neural networks PDF
Józef Giergiel, Krzysztof Kurc 209-225
14. Numerical-experimental analysis of the post-buckling state of a multi-segment and multi-member thin-walled structure subjected to torsion PDF
Tomasz Kopecki 227-242
15. Multiscale approach to structure damage modelling PDF
Paweł Paćko, Tadeusz Uhl 243-264
16. Interval boundary element method for transient diffusion problem in two-layered domain PDF
Alicja Piasecka-Belkhayat 265-276