Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

49, 1, pp. 135-158, Warsaw 2011

Improved method for simulating transients of turbulent pipe flow

Zbigniew Zarzycki, Sylwester Kudźma, Kamil Urbanowicz
The paper presents the problem of modelling and simulation of transients during turbulent fluid flow in hydraulic pipes. The instantaneous wall shear stress on a pipe wall is presented in the form of integral convolution of a weighting function and local acceleration of the liquid. This weighting function depends on the dimensionless time and Reynolds number. Its original, very complicated mathematical structure is approximated to a simpler form which is useful for practical engineering calculations. The paper presents an efficient way to solve the integral convolution based on the method given by Trikha (1975) for laminar flow. An application of an improved method with the use of the Method of Characteristic for the case of unsteady flow (water hammer) is presented. This method is characterised by high efficiency compared to traditional numerical schemes.
Keywords: unsteady pipe flow; transients; waterhammer; efficient numerical simulation