Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

49, 1, pp. 117-133, Warsaw 2011

Effects of geometrical and dimensional errors on kinematics and dynamics of Tracta coupling

Pier Paolo Valentini, Eugenio Pezzuti
The paper deals with the investigation of the influence of geometrical and dimensional errors on performance of the Tracta coupling. It is one of the most simple constant-velocity joints which has been used in front-wheel drive automobiles, all-wheel drive military vehicles, heavy vehicles and various other applications. The proposed study is based on building and simulating a parametric spatial multibody model of the full joint. Both kinematic and dynamic behaviour have been investigated. Five different linear and angular errors have been studied. The sensitivity of kinematics and dynamics irregularities to these errors has been computed and summarized in design charts. The results can be used in optimal tolerance allocation and accurate vehicle system simulation with the coupling joint sub-model.
Keywords: Tracta joint; tolerance; mechanical error; multibody model