Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

49, 1, pp. 243-264, Warsaw 2011

Multiscale approach to structure damage modelling

Paweł Paćko, Tadeusz Uhl
The paper deals with the problem of modelling of different types of damages in metallic and composite structures. The modelling of damage and fracture plays an important role in design and implementation of Structural Health Monitoring systems, particularly it is very important in prognosis of the rest of safe life of structures. The authors overview and analyse the existing methods and available tools of damage and fracture modelling. The application of selected models for structure damage and fracture modelling in macro and micro scale simulations is the main subject of this paper. Two groups of models are considered; the first group consists of models capable of predicting brittle fracture, second – models used for ductile damage evaluation. In the latter group, macro and multiscale models are presented. Finally, the multiscale damage model based on a representative volume element is presented. The grain structure modelling and its FE implementation are discussed in conjunction with application of ductile damage criterion for grain structures. Several numerical examples are presented.
Keywords: multiscale damage modelling; delamination modelling; ductile damage modelling and experimental validation