Vol 39, No 2 (2001)

Table of Contents

1. Thin-walled beam with open cross-sections as a Timoshenko bar PDF
Sebastian Gawłowski, Stefan Piechnik 269-281
2. Numerical analysis of thick, multi-layered composite girders using hybrid-stress finite elements PDF
Jerzy Gołaś 283-296
3. On integration of the Green function in a discontinuous temperature field in a 2D domain PDF
Grzegorz Jemielita 297-305
4. On algebraic equations of elastic trusses, frames and grillages PDF
Tomasz Lewiński 307-322
5. Dynamic response of a micro-periodic beam under moving load – deterministic and stochastic approach PDF
Krystyna Mazur-Śniady, Paweł Śniady 323-338
6. Reliability profiles for steel girder bridges with regard to corrosion and fatigue PDF
Andrzej S. Nowak, Maria M. Szerszen 339-352
7. Two-dimensional and dynamic method of visualization of the flow characteristics in a convection boundary layer using infrared thermography PDF
Jacek A. Patorski, Günter S. Bauer, Sergei Dementjev 353-376
8. Active damping of laminated plates by skewed piezoelectric patches PDF
Marek Pietrzakowski 377-393
9. Dynamics of elastic bodies in terms of plane frictional motion PDF
Gwidon Szefer 395-408
10. Assessment of the structure stability according to the theory of fuzzy sets PDF
Marek Witkowski 409-421
11. Tolerance averaging and boundary-layer equations for the heat transfer problems in micro-periodic solids PDF
Czesław Woźniak, Ewaryst Wierzbicki, Margaret Woźniak 423-442
12. Optimal design of rotationally symmetric shells for buckling under thermal loadings PDF
Michał Życzkowski, Jacek Krużelecki, Piotr Trzeciak 443-455