Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

39, 2, pp. 323-338, Warsaw 2001

Dynamic response of a micro-periodic beam under moving load – deterministic and stochastic approach

Krystyna Mazur-Śniady, Paweł Śniady
In the paper, the deterministic and stochastic approach to the problem of vibrations of a beam with periodically varying geometry under moving load is presented. A new averaged model for the dynamics of the periodic-like beam with a variable cross-section, Mazur-Śniady (2001), is applied. The approach to dynamics of the periodic-like beam assumed in the paper is based on concepts of the tolerance-averaged model by Woźniak (1999). The solution obtained for a single moving force is the basis of solution of stochastic vibrations caused by random train of moving forces.
Keywords: dynamics; moving load; stochastic processes; periodic-like beam