Vol 43, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents

1. Magnetorheological fluid damper with radially-shaped gap and contact-less sealing PDF
Bogdan Sapiński 223-240
2. Creep analysis of M1E copper and PA6 aluminium alloy subjected to prior plastic deformation PDF
Zbigniew L. Kowalewski 241-256
3. Numerical analysis of vertical rotor dynamics of ACWW 1000 centrifuge PDF
Janusz Zachwieja, Krzysztof Ligier 257-275
4. Application of wavelet transform to identification of modal parameters of nonstationary systems PDF
Tadeusz Uhl, Andrzej Klepka 277-296
5. Modelling of UAV flight dynamics using perceptron artificial neural networks PDF
Jerzy Manerowski, Dariusz Rykaczewski 297-307
6. Numerical and experimental analysis of preliminary stress, limiting load capacity and fatigue life of blind rivited joints PDF
Lucjan Witek 309-325
7. Nonparametric approach to improvement of qualitt of modal parameters estimation PDF
Joanna Iwaniec, Wojciech Lisowski, Tadeusz Uhl 327-344
8. Example of formulation of autonomous algorithms used in procedure of modal parameter estimation PDF
Wojciech Lisowski 345-365
9. Numerical verification of two mathematical models for the heat transfer in a laminated rigid conductor PDF
Łukasz Łaciński 367-384
10. Dynamic stability of three-layered annular plate under lateral time-dependent load PDF
Dorota Pawlus 385-403
11. Some remarks on dynamic results for averaged and exact models of thin periodic plates PDF
Jarosław Jędrysiak, Bohdan Michalak 405-425
12. On stability of thin periodically, densely stiffened cylindrical shells PDF
Barbara Tomczyk 427-455