Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

43, 2, pp. 241-256, Warsaw 2005

Creep analysis of M1E copper and PA6 aluminium alloy subjected to prior plastic deformation

Zbigniew L. Kowalewski
The influence of prior plastic deformation on the creep process is studied for copper and an aluminium alloy. Variations of basie creep parameters due to differences in temperature of realized tests are also taken into account. Moreover, the paper reports the prestraining effects depending on the type of prior deformation. It is shown for both materials that, depending on the deformation history, the basic creep parameters may attain values which are more beneficial from the engineering point of view than those for the non-prestrained material determined. It is also shown that, in some cases, prior plastic deformation may lead to detrimental effects expressed, for example, by reduction of the lifetime.
Keywords: creep; rupture; deformation history