Vol 52, No 2 (2014)

Cover Page

Table of Contents

1. Assessment of the technical state of large size steel structures under cyclic load with the acoustic emission method IADP PDF
Barbara Goszczyńska, Grzegorz Świt, Wiesław Trąmpczyński 289-299
2. Numerical and experimental investigations of embedded delamination growth caused by compressive loading PDF
Piotr Bajurko, Piotr Czarnocki 301-312
3. Oddities in determining burning rate on basis of closed vessel tests of single base propellant PDF
Zbigniew K. Leciejewski 313-321
4. An analytical study on the elastic-plastic behavior of metal matrix composites under tensile loading PDF
Sadaf Khosoussi, Mehdi Mondali, Ali Abedian 323-334
5. Numerical simulation of the effect of wind on the missile motion PDF
Andrzej Żyluk 335-344
6. Analysis of a conical sleeve with pivot joint loading of axial force PDF
Andrzej Andrzejuk, Zbigniew Skup, Robert Zalewski 345-358
7. Inquire into the marvellousness of autofrettage for mono-layered cylinders PDF
Ruilin Zhu, Quan Li 359-372
8. FE model for linear-elastic mixed mode loading: estimation of SIFs and crack propagation PDF
Abdelkader Boulenouar, Noureddine Benseddiq, Mohamed Mazari, Nabil Benamara 373-383
9. Reflection of plane waves from a free surface of a generalized magneto-thermoelastic solid half-space with diffusion PDF
Baljeet Singh, Lakhbir Singh, Sunita Deswal 385-394
10. Numerical simulations of the wheel-rail traction forces using the electromechanical model of an electric locomotive PDF
Sławomir Duda 395-404
11. On some general solutions of transient Stokes and Brinkman equations PDF
D. Palaniappan 405-415
12. Virtual prototyping, design and analysis of an in-pipe inspection mobile robot PDF
Michał Ciszewski, Tomasz Buratowski, Mariusz Giergiel, Piotr Małka, Krzysztof Kurc 417-429
13. Numerical simulation and experimental bending behaviour of multi-layer sandwich structures PDF
Jamal Arbaoui, Yves Schmitt, J-Luc Pierrot, François-Xavier Royer 431-442
14. Assessment of the fatigue life of machine components under service loading a review of selected problems PDF
Włodzimierz Będkowski 443-458
15. Analytical modeling of dual actuated compliant beam microgripper system PDF
Nayyer Abbas Zaidi, Shafaat A. Bazaz 459-468
16. The method of fundamental solutions for stationary flow through an axisymmetric cylindrical fibrous filter PDF
Jan Adam Kołodziej, Paweł Fritzkowski 469-483
17. Modelling of annular plates stability with functionally graded structure interacting with elastic heterogeneous subsoil PDF
Wojciech Perliński, Michał Gajdzicki, Bohdan Michalak 485-498
18. Comparison of single and X-wire measurements of streamwise velocity fluctuations in turbulent boundary layer PDF
Artur Dróżdż, Witold Elsner 499-505
19. Influence of the elastomeric coating on parameters of steady state vibrations of coil springs in the resonance and outside it PDF
Krzysztof Michalczyk 507-518
20. Development of a shape memory alloy wire actuator to operate a morphing wing PDF
Misun Rim, Eun-Ho Kim, Woo-Ram Kang, In Lee 519-531
21. Optimal design of bar structures with their supports in problems of stability and free vibrations PDF
Dariusz Bojczuk, Anna Rębosz-Kurdek 533-546
22. Numerical analysis of friction influence on the transverse welding phenomenon in the forward extrusion process PDF
Jan Piwnik, Krzysztof Mogielnicki, Jerzy Kuprianowicz 547-555
23. Numerical simulation of the micropolar fluid flow and heat transfer in a channel with a shrinking and a stationary wall PDF
Kashif Ali, Muhammad Ashraf 557-569
24. A note on non-associated Drucker-Prager plastic flow in terms of fractional calculus PDF
Wojciech Sumelka 571-574