Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

52, 2, pp. 345-358, Warsaw 2014

Analysis of a conical sleeve with pivot joint loading of axial force

Andrzej Andrzejuk, Zbigniew Skup, Robert Zalewski

The paper presents theoretical and experimental studies of energy dissipation in a model of a conical sleeve-pivot joint. Energy dissipation between cooperating surfaces of a friction pair including structural friction, elastic and frictional effects between its elements and Lame's problem are taken into account. A comparative analysis was conducted to compare the theoretical results obtained from numerical simulations and direct experimental data acquired from the MTS testing machine. The analysis of the influence of geometrical and material parameters, external loading on the dissipation of energy is presented too. This paper shows an outline of theoretical considerations; the method for conducting tests as well as selected comparative results.
Keywords: conical joint; hysteresis loop; experimental testing