Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

52, 2, pp. 469-483, Warsaw 2014

The method of fundamental solutions for stationary flow through an axisymmetric cylindrical fibrous filter

Jan Adam Kołodziej, Paweł Fritzkowski

A problem of steady-state incompressible fluid flow through a fibrous cylindrical filter is considered. The pressure field is obtained by applying the method of fundamental solutions which gives continuous function in the filter region. The components of filtration velocity are calculated from the appropriate derivatives. In numerical examples, various types of the filter are considered and some computational issues are discussed. A simple algorithm for achieving the optimal pseudo-boundary location is used, within the framework of the method of fundamental solutions, by minimizing the maximum absolute boundary error. Optimization results for various numbers of source points and collocation points are compared. The variation of total discharge with the inlet size is shown.
Keywords: filtration; Darcy equation; method of fundamental solutions; cylindrical fibrous filter