Vol 46, No 1 (2008)

Table of Contents

1. Coupled and uncoupled constitutive equations of linear elasticity and viscoelasticity of orthotropic materials PDF
Marian Klasztorny 3-20
2. Dynamics of a thick-walled spherical casing loaded with a time depending internal pressure PDF
Edward Włodarczyk, Mariusz Zielenkiewicz 21-40
3. Experimental identification of dynamic parameters for active magnetic bearings PDF
Dorota Kozanecka, Zbigniew Kozanecki, Tomasz Lech 41-50
4. On the analytical solution for the slewing flexible beam-like system: analysis of the linear part of the perturbed problem PDF
André Fenili, José M. Balthazar 51-68
5. Entropy generation due to non-Newtonian fluid flow in annular pipe with relative rotation: constant viscosity case PDF
Ali Kahraman, Muhammet Yürüsoy 69-83
6. Approach to evaluation of critical static loads of annular three-layered plates with various core thickness PDF
Dorota Pawlus 85-107
7. Limitations in application of basic frequency simplest lower estimators in investigation of natural vibrations of circular plates with variable thickness and clamped edges PDF
Jerzy Jaroszewicz, Mariusz Misiukiewicz, Wojciech Puchalski 109-121
8. Methods based on the differential quadrature in vibration analysis of plates PDF
Artur Krowiak 123-139
9. Analysis of vibration of three-degree-of-freedom dynamical system with double pendulum PDF
Danuta Sado, Krzysztof Gajos 141-156
10. Steady periodic regime of rotary motion of rollers in vibrating classifiers PDF
Victor A. Ostapenko, Vladimir P. Naduty, Vladimir F. Yagnyukov 157-169
11. Analysis of longitudinal tangential contact vibration effect on friction force using Coulomb and Dahl models PDF
Mariusz Leus, Paweł Gutowski 171-184
12. Synchronization of mechanical oscillators excited kinematically PDF
Przemyslaw Perlikowski 185-204
13. Vibro-impacts induced by irregular rolling surfaces of railway rails and wheels PDF
Zofia Kowalska 205-221
14. Regular and chaotic vibrations of a preloaded pendulum system PDF
Jerzy Warmiński, Andrzej Mitura, Krzysztof P. Jankowski 223-234