Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

46, 1, pp. 171-184, Warsaw 2008

Analysis of longitudinal tangential contact vibration effect on friction force using Coulomb and Dahl models

Mariusz Leus, Paweł Gutowski
The paper presents results of analysis of changes of the friction force in sliding motion affecting a solid body subjected to excited longitudinal tangential contact vibration. The study was conducted using two friction models: firstly, the classical Coulomb model related to rigid body motion on a non-deformable base and secondly, the Dahl model which takes into account tangential contact deformability including the phenomenon of "pre-sliding displacement". It was demonstrated that in the case of vibration motion with a low amplitude (i.e. motion in a micro scale, which is exemplified by longitudinal contact vibration), the Coulomb friction model is not adequate to describe the friction force. It was also shown that the friction force can be reduced in one vibration cycle without instantaneous change of the vector sign of this force, which in literature is often quoted as the main reason for friction force reduction at longitudinal tangential contact vibration.
Keywords: friction models; friction force; tangential contact vibration