Vol 54, No 3 (2016)

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Table of Contents

1. Experimental investigation of an energy harvesting rotary generator-MR damper system PDF
Bogdan Sapiński 679-690
2. Cutting parameters and vibrations analysis of magnetic bearing spindle in milling process PDF
Amel Bouaziz, Maher Barkallah, Slim Bouaziz, Jean Yves Choley, Mohamed Haddar 691-703
3. Combined load buckling for cylindrical shells based on a symplectic elasticity approach PDF
Jiabin Sun, Xinsheng Xu, C.W. Lim 705-716
4. Rotating orbits of pendulum in stochastic excitation PDF
Sze-Hong Teh, Ko-Choong Woo, Hazem Demrdash 717-730
5. Finite strain formulation of elasto-plasticity without yield surface: theory, parameter identification and applications PDF
Cyprian Suchocki, Paweł Skoczylas 731-742
6. Green’s function for a multifield material with a heat source PDF
Bogdan Rogowski 743-755
7. The development of mechatronic active control system of tool spatial position of parallel kinematics machine tool PDF
Vasil Borisovich Strutinsky, Anatoliy Sergeevich Demyanenko 757-768
8. A micromechanical approach to numerical modeling of yielding of open-cell porous structures under compressive loads PDF
Reza Hedayati, Mojtaba Sadighi 769-781
9. Time-independent stochastic design sensitivity analysis of structural systems with second-order accuracy PDF
Hanna Weber 783-794
10. An experimental and numerical study of supercavitating flows tric cavitators PDF
Morteza Javadpour, Said Farahat, Hossein Ajam, Mahmoud Salari, Alireza Hossein Nezhad 795-810
11. Numerical investigation of pool nucleate boiling in nanofluid with lattice Boltzmann method PDF
Afsaneh Rostamzadeh, Khosrow Jafarpur, Ebrahim Goshtsbi Rad 811-825
12. Generalized thermoelastic interactions due to an inclined load at a two-temperature half-space PDF
Ahmed E. Abouelregal, Ashraf M. Zenkour 827-838
13. Experimental study on amplitude-frequency characteristic and basin stability of horizontally driven pendulum PDF
Ji Jia, Ye Wu, Weiqing Liu, Jinghua Xiao 839-846
14. Effect of initial stress and the gravity field on micropolar thermoelastic solid with microtemperatures PDF
Mohamed I. A. Othman, Ramadan S. Tantawi, Mohamed Ibrahim M. Hilal 847-857
15. An approach for free vibration analysis of axially graded beams PDF
Stanislaw Kukla, Jowita Rychlewska 859-870
16. Numerical and field investigations of track dynamic behavior caused by light and heavy railway vehicles PDF
Jabbar Ali Zakeri, Seyed Ali Mosayebi, Morteza Esmaeili 871-879
17. Analysis of pressure behavior in a temperature controlled molecular dynamic flow PDF
Hamed R. Najafi, S. M. Hossein Karimian 881-892
18. Evaluation of the jet damping effect on flight dynamics of a homing guided missile PDF
Grzegorz Kowaleczko 893-907
19. A smooth model of the resultant friction force on a plane contact area PDF
Grzegorz Kudra, Jan Awrejcewicz 909-919
20. Numerical and experimental analysis of residual stresses induced in metal coatings thermally deposited (HVOF) on Al2O3 substrates PDF
Jolanta Zimmerman 921-933
21. Trefftz method for a polynomial-based boundary identification in two-dimensional Laplacian problems PDF
Leszek Hożejowski 935-944
22. Geometrically nonlinear vibrations of thin visco-elastic periodic plates on a foundation with damping: non-asymptotic modelling PDF
Jarosław Jędrysiak 945-961
23. Suggestion of an equation of motion to calculate the damping ratio during earthquake based on a cyclic procedure PDF
H. Naderpour, R.C. Barros, Seyed M. Khatami 963-973
24. A nonlinear electromechanical pendulum arm with a nonlinear energy sink control (NES) approach PDF
G. Fűsun Alışverişçi, Hüseyin Bayıroğlu, Jorge Luis Palacios Felix, José M. Balthazar, Reyolando Manoel Lopes Rebello da Fonseca Brasil 975-986
25. Adaptive fuzzy control for a class of constrained nonlinear systems with application to a surface vessel PDF
Mehrnush Sadat Jamalzade, Hamid Reza Koofigar, Mohammad Ataei 987-1000
26. Research on the disturbance generated by a solar array drive assembly driving a flexible system PDF
Jiangpan Chen, Wei Cheng 1001-1012
27. Control of anisotropic rotor vibration using fractional order controller PDF
Mariusz Czajkowski, Magdalena Gertner, Monika Ciulkin 1013-1024
28. Modelling of the vibration exposure in typical working machines by means of random input signals PDF
Igor Maciejewski, Tomasz Krzyżyński 1025-1037
29. Dynamic response of a spur gear system with uncertain parameters PDF
Ahmed Guerine, Abdelkhalak El Hami, Lassaad Walha, Tahar Fakhfakh, Mohamed Haddar 1039-1049
30. On the turbulent boundary layer of a dry granular avalanche down an incline. I. Thermodynamic analysis PDF
Chung Fang 1051-1062