Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 3, pp. 751-761, Warsaw 2013

Robust control of the micro UAV dynamics with an autopilot

Arkadiusz Mystkowski
This paper presents a nonlinear robust control design procedure for a micro air vehicle, which uses the singular value $ (\mu)$ and $ \mu$-synthesis technique. The optimal robust control law that combines parametric and lumped uncertainties of the micro UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) which are realized by serial connection of the Kestrel autopilot and the Gumstix microprocessor. Thus, the robust control feedback loops, which handle the uncertainty of aerodynamics derivatives, are used to ensure the robust stability of the UAV local dynamics in longitudinal and lateral control directions.
Keywords: robust optimal control; $ mu$-synthesis; uncertainty design; micro aerial vehicle; autopilot