Vol 51, No 3 (2013)

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Table of Contents

1. Feasibility analysis of the modified point mass trajectory model for the need of ground artillery fire control systems PDF
Leszek Baranowski 511-522
2. The off-design performance prediction of axial compressor based on a 2D approach PDF
X.C. ZHu, J.F. Hu, H. Ou-Yang, J. Tian, X.Q. Qiang, Z.H. Du 523-531
3. Robust adaptive vibration control for a general class of structures in the presence of time-varying uncertainties and disturbances PDF
Hamid Reza Koofigar, Shahab Amelian 533-541
4. Solving direct and inverse problems of plate vibration by using the Trefftz functions PDF
Artur Maciąg, Anna Pawińska 543-552
5. Development of a thermal model in the metal cutting process for prediction of temperature distributions at the tool-chip-workpiece interface PDF
Abdelkader Karas, Mohamed Bouzit, Mustapha Belarbi 553-567
6. Determination of material parameters of quasi-linear viscoelastic rheological model for thermoplastics and resins PDF
Cyprian Suchocki, Marek Pawlikowski, Konstanty Skalski, Cezary Jasiński, Łukasz Morawiński 569-580
7. Fatigue life of metallic material estimated according to selected models and load conditions PDF
Krzysztof Kluger, Tadeusz Łagoda 581-592
8. Thermal analysis of the convective-radiative fin with a step change in thickness and temperature dependent thermal conductivity PDF
Mohsen Torabi, Hessameddin Yaghoobi, Mohammad Reza Kiani 593-602
9. Synchronization of two forced double-well Duffing oscillators with attached pendulums PDF
Piotr Brzeski, Anna Karmazyn, Przemysław Perlikowski 603-613
10. Comparison of numerical testing methods in terms of impulse loading applied to structural elements PDF
Łukasz Mazurkiewicz, Jerzy Małachowski, Paweł Baranowski, Krzysztof Damaziak 615-625
11. Upper bound analysis of bimetallic rod extrusion process through rotating conical dies PDF
Heshmatollah Haghighat, Mohammad M. Mahdavi 627-637
12. The comprehensive finite element model for stenting: the influence of stent design on the outcome after coronary stent placement PDF
Misagh Imani, Ali M. Goudarzi, Davood D. Ganji, Amir L. Aghili 639-648
13. Numerical investigation of the inner flow in a centrifugal pump at the shut-off condition PDF
Houlin Liu, Xianfang Wu, Minggao Tan 649-660
14. Steady Oseen's flow past a deformed sphere: an analytical approach PDF
Deepak Kumar Srivastava, Raja Ram Yadav, Supriya Yadav 661-673
15. Analytical solution for magnetohydrodynamic stagnation point flow and heat transfer over a permeable stretching sheet with chemical reaction PDF
Alireza Rasekh, Mahmood Farzaneh-Gord, Seyed R. Varedi, Davood D. Ganji 675-686
16. An analysis of the primary and superharmonic contact resonances – Part 2 PDF
Robert Kostek 687-696
17. On autofrettage of cylinders by limiting circumferential residual stress based on Mises yield criterion PDF
Ruilin Zhu, Guolin Zhu 697-710
18. Modeling of shape memory alloy springs using a recurrent neural network PDF
Iman Kardan, Reza Abiri, Mansour Kabganian, Meisam Vahabi 711-718
19. Unstable operation of the turbine aircraft engine PDF
Adam Kozakiewicz, Mirosław Kowalski 719-727
20. Lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection flow around a horizontal cylinder located beneath an insulation plate PDF
Abbasali Abouei Mehrizi, Mousa Farhadi, Hamid Hassanzadeh Afrouzi, Saeed Shayamehr, Hossein Lotfizadeh 729-739
21. Stress distribution in two-layered half-space with periodical structure caused by Hertz pressure PDF
Waldemar Kołodziejczyk, Roman Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo 741-750
22. Robust control of the micro UAV dynamics with an autopilot PDF
Arkadiusz Mystkowski 751-761
23. Influence of ideal and non-ideal excitation sources on the dynamics of a nonlinear vibro-impact system PDF
Fernando H. Moraes, Bento R. Pontes Jr, Marcos Silveira, José M. Balthazar, Reyolando M.L.R.F. Brasil 763-774
24. Modelling of the ejection process in a symmetrical flight PDF
Sebastian Głowiński, Tomasz Krzyżyński 775-785