Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 3, pp. 719-727, Warsaw 2013

Unstable operation of the turbine aircraft engine

Adam Kozakiewicz, Mirosław Kowalski
The article presents reasons for generating a non-uniform field of parameters in the compressor inlet of a turbine aircraft engine and its influence on the air jet kinematics at lowering fatigue strength of the compressor blade. Analysis of the engine torque in function of the engine operation time has been performed. Courses of the basic turbine engine operation parameters during compressor stall have been presented. The significant role of changes of the first torque derivative in relation to variation of the rotor acceleration in that assessment has been determined, which may be an important signal of the compressor surge occurring in the compressor. That parameter may be a signal for the control system to eliminate the negative phenomenon. The engine dynamics during the compressor surge has also been presented by developing the phase images of the engine operation basic parameters. The article includes analysis of dynamical changes in temperature of the combustion gases.
Keywords: turbine engine; engine dynamics; compressor stall