Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 3, pp. 615-625, Warsaw 2013

Comparison of numerical testing methods in terms of impulse loading applied to structural elements

Łukasz Mazurkiewicz, Jerzy Małachowski, Paweł Baranowski, Krzysztof Damaziak
This paper presents comparison of numerical testing methods of an impulse loading which comes from a detonation process, i.e. blast wave propagation in a gas medium. Investigations were carried out using an analytical and numerical model based on the Finite Element Method. In order to reduce computational time, the substitute analytical model with one degree of freedom was implemented, which replaced a chosen actual system (I-section steel column). For structure modelling, the constitutive model was used, which included the strain rate effect. From the performed analyses, an acceptable similarity was noticed, although the discrete model due to greater forces gave inflated results. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that simplified methods do not take any wave and flow around effects into consideration, which have an influence on the dynamical response of the structure and are possible to implement in the gas medium coupling.
Keywords: blast wave; FEM; Eulerian mesh