Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 1, pp. 215-229, Warsaw 2012

Motion of a rigid rod rocking back and forth and cubic-quintic Duffing oscillators

Seyed S. Ganji, Amin Barari, S. Karimpour, G. Domairry
In this work, we implemented the first-order approximation of the Iteration Perturbation Method (IPM) for approximating the behavior of a rigid rod rocking back and forth on a circular surface without slipping as well as Cubic-Quintic Duffing Oscillators. Comparing the results with the exact solution, has led us to significant consequences. The results reveal that the IPM is very effective, simple and convenient to systems of nonlinear equations. It is predicted that IPM can be utilized as a widely applicable approach in engineering.
Keywords: nonlinear oscillation; iteration perturbation method (IPM); rocking rigid rod; cubic-quintic Duffing oscillator