Vol 50, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

1. Theoretical and numerical aspects in weak-compressible finite strain thermo-elasticity PDF
Ahmad-Wahadj Hamkar, Stefan Hartmann 3-22
2. The influence of material properties and crack length on the Q-stress value near the crack tip for elastic-plastic materials for centrally cracked plate in tension PDF
Marcin Graba 23-46
3. Static and dynamic analysis of telescopic boom of self-propelled tunnelling machine PDF
Damian Derlukiewicz, Jacek Karliński 47-59
4. Moment Lyapunov exponents and stochastic stability of a thin-walled beam subjected to eccentric axial loads PDF
Goran Janevski, Predrag Kozić, Ratko Pavlović 61-83
5. Modelling of the dynamics of a gyroscope using artificial neural networks PDF
Łukasz Łacny 85-97
6. A self-stabilising multipurpose single-wheel robot PDF
Tomasz Buratowski, Patryk Cieślak, Mariusz Giergiel, Tadeusz Uhl 99-118
7. On some new aspects of contact dynamics with application in railway engineering PDF
Roman Bogacz, Kurt Frischmuth 119-129
8. A parameter study on the influence of fillets on the compressor cascade performance PDF
Robert Meyer, Sebastian Schulz, Karsten Liesner, Harald Passrucker, Roland Wunderer 131-145
9. Some aspects of the axial extension mode in an elastic thin-walled beam-column PDF
Zbigniew Kołakowski 147-168
10. Vibro-acoustic design of an aircraft-type active window, Part 1: dynamic modelling and experimental validation PDF
Ignazio Dimino, Andrea Vigliotti, M.H. Ferri Aliabadi, Antonio Concilio 169-192
11. Lattice Boltzmann simulation of fluid flow in porous media of temperature-affected geometry PDF
Arkadiusz Grucelski, Jacek Pozorski 193-214
12. Motion of a rigid rod rocking back and forth and cubic-quintic Duffing oscillators PDF
Seyed S. Ganji, Amin Barari, S. Karimpour, G. Domairry 215-229
13. Piecewise reliability-dependent hazard rate for composites under fatigue loading adjustment PDF
Chung-Ling Chen, Kuo-Shong Wang 231-250
14. Modeling and numerical simulation of unmanned aircraft vehicle restricted by non-holonomic constraints PDF
Edyta Ładyżyńska-Kozdraś 251-268
15. Aircraft dynamics during flight in icing conditions PDF
Grzegorz Kowaleczko, Michał Wachłaczenko 269-284
16. Vortex particle method and parallel computing PDF
Andrzej Kosior, Henryk Kudela 285-300
17. On combined spatial and temporal instabilities of electrically driven jets with constant or variable applied field PDF
Saulo Orizaga, Daniel N. Riahi 301-319
18. Variational formulation for buckling of multi-walled carbon nanotubes modelled as nonlocal Timoshenko beams PDF
Sarp Adali 321-333