Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

42, 2, pp. 335-348, Warsaw 2004

Buckling of I-core sandwich panels

Maciej Taczała, Waldemar Banasiak
Necessity of optimisation of ship hull structural mass calls for application of innovative materials and structural components. One option is based on using structural components with internal structure. The considered sandwich panels are composed of two plates stiffened by vertical ribs (I-core) or ribs of different shape (V-core). Such panels are applied as the ship hull structural components, replacing the conventional stiffened panels. They are subject to typical loadings acting in the ship hull; tension, compression and lateral loading. Analysis of stability of sandwich panels subject to compressive loading is presented in the paper. Stabilities of conventional and innovative ship panels were compared. Influence of the filling foam was also investigated.
Keywords: I-core sandwich panels; buckling