Vol 42, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents

1. Random vortex method for three dimensional flows. Part II: Numerical implementation and sample results PDF
Andrzej Styczek, Piotr Duszyński, Marta Poćwierz, Jacek Szumbarski 223-238
2. A method of power distribution in the power transmission system of a remotely operated vehicle PDF
Jerzy Garus 239-251
3. Numerical investigation of a new type of artificial lumbar disc PDF
Paweł Borkowski, Krzysztof Kędzior, Grzegorz Krzesiński, Konstanty R. Skalski, Paweł Wymysłowski, Tomasz Zagrajek 253-268
4. The effect of the method of determination of Young's modulus on the estimation of fatigue life of structural elements PDF
Dariusz Boroński 269-283
5. Influence of the material sensitivity factor on the stress ratio for different specimens geometries and materials under bending PDF
Roland Pawliczek, Dariusz Rozumek 285-294
6. A fatigue failure criterion for multiaxial loading with phase shift and mean value PDF
Dariusz Skibicki 295-314
7. Structural basis of compressive extension and shearing mechanisms in the Carpathian flysch rocks PDF
Joanna Pinińska 315-323
8. Effect of changes in the thickness of a perforated plate of the heat exchanger on its structural stability PDF
Agnieszka Chudzik, Jacek Świniarski 325-334
9. Buckling of I-core sandwich panels PDF
Maciej Taczała, Waldemar Banasiak 335-348
10. Energetic method of solving the stability problem of a semi-spherical shell loaded with torque PDF
Stefan Joniak 349-356
11. Application of the tolerance averaging method to analysis of dynamical stability of thin periodic plates PDF
Jarosław Jędrysiak 357-379
12. Stability of composite plates with non-uniform distribution of constituents PDF
Bohdan Michalak 381-397