Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

26, 2, pp. 279-290, Warsaw 1988

Wyznaczanie przemieszczeń i odkształceń na podstawie kontrastu prążków na obrazach interferometrii holograficznej

Marek J. Matczak

On the background of different methods of holographic interferometry (Sec. 1), the theoretical idea of the fringe visibility method (Sec. 3) on the basis of the holographic measuring system (Sec. 2) has been discussed. Application of this method to displacement (Sec. 4) and strain (Sec. 5) evaluation has been presented. Some practical remarks relating to the method (Sec. 6) have been also given. The presented method enables to determine the displacement and strain fields without knowledge of the fringe order distribution and without necessity to differentiate the displacement field.