Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

54, 1, pp. 205-218, Warsaw 2016
DOI: 10.15632/jtam-pl.54.1.205

Finite element analysis of the 3-D thermal stress state in a brake disk

Adam Adamowicz
The quasi-static thermal stress state within the linear uncoupled elasticity is studied. The calculations were performed using the finite element method (MSC.Patran/MSC.Nastran). In order to examine smooth stress changes in a brake disk during braking, based on the temperature fields at particular time steps, additionally the script using Python programming language was developed. The numerical three-dimensional FE model of the brake disk
for calculation of the transient temperature field was adopted from the previous author’s study. A single braking process at linear deceleration and constant contact pressure was simulated. The evolutions and the contours of the components of the stress tensor as well as the equivalent Huber-Mises stress were examined. The most important aspects of the stress state during braking were discussed.
Keywords: frictional heating, temperature, thermal stresses, pad-disk brake system, finite element method