Vol 54, No 1 (2016)

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Table of Contents

1. Continuous and discrete sliding mode control of an active car suspension system PDF
Jan Łuczko, Urszula Ferdek 3-11
2. Numerical analysis of dynamics of an automatically tracked anti-tank guided missile using polynomial functions PDF
Zbigniew Koruba, Łukasz Nocoń 13-25
3. Analysis of an experimental setup for structural damping identification PDF
Olaf P. Hentschel, Marius Bonhage, Lars Panning-von Scheidt, Jorg Wallaschek, Markus Denk, Pierre-Alain Masserey 27-39
4. Analytical and experimental vibration analysis of telescopic platforms PDF
Adil Yucel, Alaeddin Arpaci 41-52
5. An inverse kinematic algorithm for the human leg PDF
Sebastian Głowiński, Tomasz Krzyżyński 53-61
6. Verification of analytical models of the S-N curve within limited fatigue life PDF
Przemysław Strzelecki, Janusz Sempruch 63-73
7. Kinematic synthesis of spatial linkages with spherical pairs PDF
Serikbay Kosbolov, Algazy Zhauyt, Serikbol Kosbolov 75-85
8. Inclusion of the D-optimality in multisine manoeuvre design for aircraft parameter estimation PDF
Piotr Lichota 87-98
9. Spatial motion of the aircraft manoeuvring to avoid moving obstacle PDF
Jerzy Graffstein 99-111
10. Elastic-plastic analysis of pressure vessels and rotating disks made of functionally graded materials using the isogeometric approach PDF
Amir T. Kalali, Behrooz Hassani, Saied Hadidi-Moud 113-125
11. Vorticity transport analysis in magnetic viscoelastic fluid PDF
Pardeep Kumar, Hari Mohan, Gamal Hoshoudy 127-133
12. Three-dimensional thermal buckling analysis of functionally graded cylindrical panels using differential quadrature method (DQM) PDF
Seyed A. Ahmadi, Hadi Pourshahsavari 135-147
13. Modelling and simulation studies on the mobile robot with self-leveling chassis PDF
Jacek Bałchanowski 149-161
14. Concept of the magnetic launcher for medium class unmanned aerial vehicles designed on the basis of numerical calculations PDF
Mirosław Kondratiuk, Leszek Ambroziak 163-177
15. Optimal point to point path planning of flexible manipulator under large deformation by using harmony search method PDF
Habib Esfandiar, Moharam Habibnejad Korayem 179-193
16. Post-critical deformation states of composite thin-walled aircraft load-bearing structures PDF
Tomasz Kopecki, Jerzy Bakunowicz, Tomasz Lis 195-204
17. Finite element analysis of the 3-D thermal stress state in a brake disk PDF
Adam Adamowicz 205-218
18. Lifting capacity enhancement of a crawler crane by improving stability PDF
A. A. Shaikh, Dineesh Kumar D 219-227
19. Delamination properties of the human thoracic arterial wall with early stage of atherosclerosis lesions PDF
Marta Kozuń 229-238
20. Magneto-thermo-mechanical creep behavior of nano-composite rotating cylinder made of polypropylene reinforced by MWCNTs PDF
Abbas Loghman, Hossein Shayestemoghadam 239-249
21. Strength calculations of an element compensating circumferential backlash in the external gear pump PDF
Piotr Osiński, Grzegorz Chruścielski 251-262
22. Analysis of plastic deformation of semi-crystalline polymers during ECAE process using 135° die PDF
Benaoumeur Aour, Ali Mitsak 263-275
23. Finite element analysis of the behaviour of a crack in the orthopedic cement PDF
Ali Benouis, Abdelkader Boulenouar, Boualem Serier 277-284
24. Guided wave propagation in thermal media through the semi analytical finite element method PDF
Faker Bouchoucha, Sonda Chaabane, Mohamed Najib Ichchou, Mohamed Haddar 285-293
25. Application of fractional order theory of thermoelasticity to a 1D problem for a spherical shell PDF
Waleed E. Raslan 295-304

Short Communications

1. Binormal cooling errors in single hot-wire measurements PDF
Ramis Örlü, P. Henrik Alfredsson 305-310
2. Semi-active linear vacuum packed particles damper PDF
Robert Zalewski, Paweł Chodkiewicz 311-316