Vol 47, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents

1. Electromagnetic damping of a mechanical harmonic oscillator with the effect of magnetic hysteresis PDF
Piotr M. Przybyłowicz, Tomasz Szmidt 259-273
2. Friction rolling with lateral slip in rail vehicles PDF
Robert Konowrocki, Czesław Bajer 275-293
3. Verification of the nomogram for amplitude determination of resonance vibrations in the run-down phase of a vibratory machine PDF
Grzegorz Cieplok 295-306
4. Linear characteristics of the sloshing phenomenon for the purpose of on-board ship's stability assessment PDF
Przemysław Krata 307-320
5. Investigation of endwall flows and losses in axial turbines. Part I. Formation of endwall flows and losses PDF
Piotr Lampart 321-342
6. A gyroscope-based system for locating a point source of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation PDF
Zbigniew Koruba, Janusz Tuśnio 343-362
7. The control laws having a form of kinematic relations between deviations in the automatic control of a flying object PDF
Edyta Ładyżyńska-Kozdraś 363-381
8. Numerical simulation of thermal processes proceeding in a multi-layered film subjected to ultrafast laser heating PDF
Ewa Majchrzak, Bohdan Mochnacki, Józef S. Suchy 383-396
9. A new incremental formulation for linear viscielastic analysis: creep differential approach PDF
Claude Chazal, Rostand Moutou Pitti 397-409
10. Acoustic intensity vector generated by vibrating set of small areas with random amplitudes PDF
Marek S. Kozień 411-420
11. Dynamic stability of a metal foam circular plate PDF
Ewa Magnucka-Blandzi 421-433
12. Free vibration of clamped visco-elastic rectangular plate having bi-direction exponentially thickness variations PDF
Arun K. Gupta, Anupam Khanna, Dharam V. Gupta 457-471
13. Sensitivity analysis of planar mechanisms PDF
Krystyna Romaniak 473-482