Vol 32, No 4 (1994)

Table of Contents

1. Wake structure and geometry of the vortex path behind moving circular cylinder PDF
Andrzej Bogusławski, Janusz W. Elsner 735-750
2. Influence of inertial forces on the magnetic fluid flow in a clearance between curvilinear surfaces of revolution PDF
Jerzy Sawicki 753-771
3. Influence of stability derivatives on a quality of simulation (supersonic flow) PDF
Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski 773-791
4. Application of the Fourier transformation to flutter tests PDF
Franciszek Lenort 793-802
5. Fundamental solutions related to the stress intensity factors of modes I, II and III. The asymmetric problem PDF
Bogdan Rogowski 803-827
6. Plane contact problem involving heat generation and radiation PDF
Vladimir J. Pauk 829-839
7. Accuracy analysis of statistical linearization methods in nonlinear continuous systems described by random integral equations PDF
Jerzy Skrzypczyk 841-865
8. Sensitivity analysis for non-linear beams and frames PDF
Dariusz Bojczuk, Zenon Mróz 867-886
9. Governing equations and boundary conditions of a generalized model of elastic foundation PDF
Grzegorz Jemielita 887-901
10. Remarks on stability of discrete-continuous structure under circulatory load PDF
Roman Bogacz, Szymon Imiełowski 903-919
11. Transverse vibrations of a beam with hinge PDF
Stanisław Kasprzyk 921-929
12. Method of supporting functionals in the estimation of alarm conditions in systems of vibrational monitoring PDF
Tadeusz Banek, Wojciech Batko 931-944
13. Information flow based algorithm of modelling PDF
Witold Grabysz 945-957
14. Mathematical model of an astatic autopilot of a helicopter including couplings between longitudinal and lateral motions PDF
Grzegorz Kowaleczko 959-973