Vol 30, No 3 (1992)

Table of Contents

1. Stresses in a non-homogeneous aelotropic solid with spherical inclusion having a rigid spherical core at the centre PDF
Shahjahan Ali Mollah 485-496
2. An analysis of cracks influence on the eigenfrequencies of the torsional vibrations of shafts PDF
Wiesław Ostachowicz, Marek Krawczuk 497-508
3. Dynamic torsion of an orthotropic half-space PDF
Bogdan Rogowski 509-517
4. Dual finite element method in friction problems PDF
Zdzisław Więckowski 535-543
5. Homogenization of stress equation of motion in linear elastodynamics PDF
Ryszrd Wojnar 545-565
6. Fracture of plane bundle of interacting elastic fibers. Statics PDF
Zbigniew Wesołowski 567-585
7. Constitutive relationships for elastic and plastic behaviour of isotropic matrix reinforced with three families of fibres PDF
Stanisław Jemioło, Marek Kwieciński, Wiesław Wojewódzki 587-605
8. On the influence of damping on the critical speed of spring-mass system moving along a Timoshenko beam on an elastic foundation PDF
Roman Bogacz, Sławomir Nowakowski 607-623
9. Vibrations of a prestressed two-member compound column PDF
Lech Tomski, Stanisław Kukla 625-638
10. Model of dynamics of aircraft flight in navigational coordinate systems PDF
Jerzy Manerowski 639-651
11. Plasticity of a rotating hyperbolic disk PDF
Andro Alujevic, Marjan Martinez 653-661
12. A new linear elastodynamic solution to boundary eigenvalue problem of flexural vibration of viscoelastic layered and homogeneous bands PDF
Stanisław Karczmarzyk 663-682