Vol 54, No 4 (2016)

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1. SDRE applied to position and vibration control of a robot manipulator with a flexible link PDF
Jeferson José de Lima, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Frederic Conrad Janzen, Vincius Piccirillo, Claudinor Bitencourt Nascimento, José Manoel Balthazar, Reyolando Manoel Lopes Rebello da Fonseca Brasil 1067-1078
2. Ductile fracture criterion for specimens with notches made of aluminium alloy EN-AW 2024 PDF
Łukasz Derpeński, Andrzej Seweryn 1079-1093
3. Nonlinear vibrations of periodic beams PDF
Łukasz Domagalski, Jarosław Jędrysiak 1095-1108
4. Implementation of the LQG controller for a wind turbine tower-nacelle model with an mr tuned vibration absorber PDF
Maciej Rosół, Paweł Martynowicz 1109-1123
5. On some problems of SH wave propagation in inhomogeneous elastic bodies PDF
Sebastian Kowalczyk, Stanisław Matysiak, Dariusz Mariusz Perkowski 1125-1135
6. Mode of failure for reinforced concrete beams with GFRP bars PDF
Abdelmonem Masmoudi, Mongi Ben Ouezdou, Mohammed Haddar 1137-1146
7. Identification strategy of anisotropic behavior laws: application to thin sheets of Aluminium A5 PDF
Amna Znaidi, Olfa Daghfas, Amen Gahbiche, Rachid Nasri 1147-1156
8. Analysis of the stochastic technical stability of engineering structures on example of moving car PDF
Jerzy Kisilowski, Jarosław Zalewski 1157-1167
9. Load distribution in the worm meshing PDF
Henryk Gregor Sabiniak 1169-1181
10. Comparison of explicit and implicit forms of the modified point mass trajectory model PDF
Leszek Baranowski, Błażej Gadomski, Jacek Szymonik, Przemysław Majewski 1183-1195
11. Metamorphoses of resonance curves in systems of coupled oscillators PDF
Jan Kyzioł, Andrzej Okniński 1197-1204
12. Application of the differential transform method to the free vibration analysis of functionally graded Timoshenko beams PDF
Őzge Őzdemir 1205-1217
13. Homotopy analysis of a forced nonlinear beam model with quadratic and cubic nonlinearities PDF
Shahram Shahlaei-Far, Airton Nabarrete, Jose Manoel Balthazar 1219-1230
14. Numerical analysis of the influence of lateral suspension parameters on the ride quality of railway vehicles PDF
Madalina Dumitriu 1231-1243
15. On the turbulent boundary layer of a dry granular avalanche down an incline. II – Closure model and numerical simulations PDF
Chung Fang 1245-1256
16. Analysis of a cross-channel micromixer through the dynamics of tracer gradient PDF
Michel Gonzalez 1257-1269
17. The general form of the elastic stress and displacement fields of the finite cracked plate PDF
Ali Ehsan Seif, Mohammad Zaman Kabir 1271-1283
18. A PCM-water heat exchanger with polymeric hollow fibres for latent heat thermal energy storage: a parametric study of discharging stage PDF
Jiří Hejčík, Pavel Charvát, Lubomír Klimeš, Ilya Astrouski 1285-1295
19. Band gap properties of periodic tapered beam structure using traveling wave method PDF
Tuanjie Li, Xiaofei Ma, Qian Zhang, Zuowei Wang 1297-1308
20. Study of a MEMS hybrid thermo-PZT micro actuator PDF
Hasan Pourrostami, Navid Seyedkazem Viliani 1309-1318
21. A mode-III crack with variable surface effects PDF
Xu Wang, Peter Schiavone 1319-1327
22. Method for ship’s rolling period prediction with regard to non-linearity of GZ curve PDF
Wojciech Wawrzyński, Przemysław Krata 1329-1343
23. Adaptation of engineering FEA-based algorithms to LCF failure and material data prediction in offshore design PDF
Marek Augustyniak, Piotr Gajewski, Krzysztof Świątek 1345-1356
24. Numerical and experimental study of mechanical response of aluminum foams under compressive loading using CT data PDF
Ali Asghar Mohammadi Nasrabadi, Reza Hedayati, Mojtaba Sadighi 1357-1368
25. Limit load of cold formed thin-walled nonstandard channel beams PDF
Maciej Obst, Marcin Rodak, Piotr Robert Paczos 1369-1377
26. Study on deformation-induced damage evolution for Inconel718 superalloy with the use of innovative single-specimen method PDF
Grzegorz Michał Socha, Bartosz Madejski, Maciej Malicki 1379-1390
27. Comparison of natural complement formulations for multibody dynamics PDF
Marcin Pękal, Janusz Frączek 1391-1404
28. UAV aircraft model for control system failures analysis PDF
Marcin Żugaj, Przemysław Bibik, Mariusz Jacewicz 1405-1415
29. A strain energy density theory for mixed mode crack propagation in rubber-like materials PDF
Abdelkader Boulenouar, Noureddine Benseddiq, Mohamed Merzoug, Nabil Benamara, Mohamed Mazari 1417-1431
30. Dynamic response of a simply supported viscoelastic beam of a fractional derivative type to a moving force load PDF
Jan Kazimierz Freundlich 1433-1445