Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 1, pp. 53-61, Warsaw 2013

On the effectiveness of variation of physical variables on steady flow between parallel plates with heat transfer in a porous medium

Hazem Ali Attia, Mostafa A.M. Abdeen
The effect of variation of physical variables on a steady flow through a porous medium with heat transfer between parallel plates is examined. The viscosity and the thermal conductivity are assumed to be temperature dependent. A constant pressure gradient is applied in the axial direction and the two plates are kept at two constant but different temperatures, while the viscous dissipation is considered in the energy equation. A numerical solution for the governing non-linear coupled equations of motion and the energy equation is determined. The effect of porosity of the medium, the variable viscosity, and the variable thermal conductivity on both the velocity and temperature distributions is reported.
Keywords: variable properties; porous medium; heat transfer; parallel plates; steady state