Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 2, pp. 653-673, Warsaw 2012

Dynamic investigations of electromechanical coupling effects in the mechanism driven by the stepping motor

Tomasz Szolc, Andrzej Pochanke
In the paper, an analysis of transient and steady-state electro-mechanical vibrations of a precise drive system driven by a stepping motor is performed. These theoretical investigations are based on a hybrid structural model of the mechanical system as well as on the classical circuit model of the stepping motor. The main purpose of these studies is to indicate essential differences between the torsional dynamic responses obtained for the considered object regarded respectively as electro-mechanically coupled and uncoupled. From the computational results, it follows that these differences are qualitatively and quantitatively essential from the viewpoint of possibly precise and reliable operation of the drive systems. Here, torsional vibrations of the drive system significantly influence the electro-mechanical coupling effects, which emphasizes their importance in dynamic analyses.
Keywords: electro-mechanical vibrations; drive system; stepping motor; hybrid model