Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 2, pp. 563-575, Warsaw 2012

Similarity solutions for a cylindrical shock wave in a rotational axisymmetric gas flow

J.P. Vishwakarama, Prerana Pathak
Similarity solutions are obtained for an adiabatic flow behind a cylindrical shock wave propagating in a rotational axisymmetric flow of a perfect gas, in which initial velocity and density are functions of the distance from the axis of symmetry. The initial medium is considered to have a variable azimuthal velocity component in addition to the variable axial velocity. Initial velocities and density are assumed to obey power laws. Distributions of the fluid velocities, density, pressure and vorticity components are obtained in the flow-field behind the shock front. Effects of variable initial velocities and density and the variation of the shock-Mach number are investigated.
Keywords: shock wave; axisymmetric flow; rotating medium; adiabatic flow