Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 2, pp. 423-440, Warsaw 2012

Numerical investigation of compressor rotor blade clocking effects on aerodynamic loading of the stator vane

Pei-Gang Yan, Xiao-Qing Qiang, Zhao-Hui Du, Wan-Jin Han
The unsteady flow fields of a three-stage axial compressor are simulated. The 3D N-S equations are solved by using the frequency domain transformed method based on the harmonic function. The main efforts are focused on the effects of the second stage rotor blade clocking configuration on aerodynamic loading of the stator vanes. The unsteady aerodynamic loadings of each blade row are analyzed in time and frequency domains. The results point out that the aerodynamic loading of the middle stage stator vane is significantly affected as the rotor blades changing with different clocking configuration. At CLK0 configuration, the middle stage stator vane is affected by the aerodynamic force whose direction is sometimes reverse with the regular force. At CLK2 configuration, the aerodynamic force of the stator vane is always positive and the fluctuation amplitude is smaller than those of other configurations. Meanwhile, the response of stator vane S2 to one blade passing frequency (BPF) is minimum comparing to others.
Keywords: compressor; unsteady flow; clocking effect; flow exciting force