Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

49, 4, pp. 1003-1017, Warsaw 2011

Modelling and analysis of beam/bar structure by application of bond graphs

Cezary Orlikowski, Rafał Hein
The paper presents a uniform, port-based approach to modelling of beam/bar systems (trusses). The port-based model of such a distributed parameter system has been defined by application of the bond graph methodology and the distributed transfer function method (DTFM). The proposed method of modelling enables one to formulate input data for computer analysis by application of the DTFM. The constructed computational package enables frequency domain analysis. Additionally, the presented approach uses DTFM to obtain a modal reduced model of the considered system in the form of modal bond graph. The presented algorithm in a simply way allows one to obtain a modal reduced model of complex distributed-lumped parameter beam/bar systems.
Keywords: mechanical system; modelling; modal analysis