Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

48, 4, pp. 1003-1026, Warsaw 2010

Effect of strain rate on ductile fracture. A new methodology

Wojciech K. Nowacki, Zdzisław Nowak, Piotr Perzyna, Ryszard B. Pęcherski
The aim of our study is to discuss a new methodology to account for the effect of strain rate on ductile fracture phenomena. Theory of inelastic materials accounting for the effects of microshear bands and microdamage is presented. The influence of microshear bands is explained by means of a function describing the instantaneous contribution of shear banding in the total rate of plastic deformation. The experimental investigations of the effect of strain rate on ductile fracture with use of the results of a dynamic double shear test of DH-36 steel with thermographic observations are reported. The registration of temperature evolution during the deformation process can provide additional data for the identification of the shear banding contribution function and the onset of ductile fracture.
Keywords: effect of strain rate; ductile fracture; dynamic double shear test; DH-36 steel; thermographic observation