Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

46, 2, pp. 443-455, Warsaw 2008

Experimental verification of a method of final positioning of a load for rotary cranes

Andrzej Maczyński, Jerzy Płosa
In the paper, a method of final positioning of a load in slewing motion for jib cranes is proposed. The method is based on the so called "map of basic functions". The map stores drive functions of jib slewing motion for particular slew angles chosen so that they form a kind of base. The basic functions are determined for certain operational parameters (angle of jib slew, time of slewing, crane radius, mass of the load, length of the rope, etc.) using optimisation methods. Drive functions for different parameters, particularly for different slew angles, are calculated by a crane control system directly before slewing. Linear interpolation is used for this task. The method proposed has been experimentally verified using a physical model of a jib crane.
Keywords: crane; positioning; experimental investigation