Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 1, pp. 147-159, Warsaw 2007

Optimization of the working cycle of harbour cranes

Josif Vukovic, Ugljesa Bugaric, Dusan Glisic, Dusan Petrovic
The paper presents one of the possible ways optimization of motion of the harbour crane grab minimization of the working (unloading) cycle, energy consumption and material dissipation during the grab discharging. The optimization procedure of the working cycle is divided into two phases. Firstly, it is optimization of the cargo and grab motion and, secondly, determination of motion of the crane mechanisms upon the obtained optimal parameters of cargo and grab trajectory. The developed mathematical model enables direct application of the optimal control theory methods, i.e. a method of optimization of cargo and grab motion by making use of Pontryagins maximum principle. All relevant expressions are derived analytically.
Keywords: optimization; working cycle; harbour crane; maximum principle