Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

35, 3, pp. 627-638, Warsaw 1997

Optimization of monosymmetric I-beams subject to lateral buckling constraints

Bogdan Bochenek
In this paper a transversally loaded monosymmetric I-beam is optimized. The beam consists of a number of uniform segments and their optimal dimensions are sought for in order to maximize the lateral buckling load with the total volume of the beam material kept fixed. Various types of support are allowed for and the beams of such supports are subjected to either constant external bending moment or varying bending moment that occurs when both concentrated and uniformly distributed loads are applied. The analysis is carried out by using numerical integration of the set of differential equations describing the critical state of the beam under consideration. Both the influence of monosymmetry on the design and the effect of loading location are discussed.
Keywords: monosymmetric I-beam; lateral buckling; optimization