Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

25, 1-2, pp. 97-107, Warsaw 1987

Dynamika ciała osiowosymetrycznego z elastycznym układem hamująco stabilizującym zrzucanego z nosiciela

Jerzy Maryniak, Kazimierz Michalewicz, Zygmunt Winczura

In the paper the influence of an elastic guidance vane of body on its dynamic properties has been described. The body is treated as rig as rigid body with six degrees of freedom. Deformations of the vane were taken into account in order to improve the estimation of the aerodynamic characteristics of the body. The equations of motion of the body have been derived. By numerical simulation method the influence of the design parameters have been tested as well as the initial conditions of the dropping on the characteristics of the under-wing pack motion.