Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

22, 1-2, pp. 77-92, Warsaw 1984

Badania chropowatości powierzchni metodą immersyjną interferometrii holograficznej

Marek Lech, Irena Mruk, Jacek Stupnicki

Paper presents the investigations of the surface roughness by use of the immersion method of the holographic interferometry with application of the transparent replicas and new designed optical system. Two-dimensional contour maps of the investigated surfaces with intervals between contour lines permitt detailed description of their geometry and determining new tribological parameters. The measurements were carried out on. various metal surfaces machined, for example, by shaping and grinding. Some parameters of the surfaces determined by the immersion method were compared with those measured by Talysurf 5. A new method of inspection of the replica's fidelity by comparison of the contour maps on cracked glass surfaces and their replicas was proposed.