Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 4, pp. 499-506, Warsaw 1978

Optymalne kształtowanie belki wspornikowej, obciążonej siłami zewnętrznymi i ciężarem własnym, w warunkach pełzania

Małgorzata Albińska, Antoni Gajewski
There was investigated the optimal design of the cantilever beam with rectangular cross-section, loaded by the uniformly distributed external forces and by its own weight. There were taken into account beams of the inhomogeneous material, described by the power physical law. This law works in the steady state creep and for the materials non-lineary elastic and elastic-plastic. There were found the optimal shapes of beams with varying width, loaded by the force acted on the end of the beam and by the uniformly distributed force with constant intensity. There was also examined the influence of an exponent n in the power law on the optimal shape of cantilever beam. The problem was solved on the basis of classical variational calculus. The results of numerical calculations are presented on numerous figures.