Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

12, 4, pp. 473-485, Warsaw 1974

Wpływ niejednorodności stanu naprężenia w przekroju poprzecznym połączenia na obciążenie zwojów gwintu

Maria Baczyńska
An assumption of uniform stresses in cross-section of a screw and body of a nut is generally applied in analysis of the distribution of loads on the threads. The influence of this assumption on the solutions accuracy was not as yet considered. Analysis of the distributions of stresses and strains in screw threads applied to the flat model and verified by photoelastic tests, is presented in this paper. The results obtained show that on the loaded thread exist additional (to uniformly distributed) strains, distributed on short distance and antisymmetric to the loaded thread. The additional displacement of the loaded thread caused by these strains has no influence on the displacements of the neighbour threads and can therefore be treated as a component of the thread deflection (by means of suitable characteristic of the thread layer). In conclusion it is stated that the solutions now obtained based on the above mentioned assumption are correct
in their character.