Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 2, pp. 235-246, Warsaw 1978

O pewnym zamkniętym rozwiązaniu problemu propagacji płaskiej fali uderzeniowej w niejednorodnym plastycznym ośrodku politropowym z liniowosprężystym odciążeniem

Edward Włodarczyk
Problem of propagation of a non-stationary plane shock wave in a inhomogeneous polytropic medium with the constant or slightly variable wave resistance was solved in the presented paper. The solution was constructed by the reciprocal method. The closed formulae were obtained defining the state parameters of the medium investigated at the wave front and behind the front. The examples of real polytropic media were analysed. The constructed solution, in addition to direct practical meaning, represents, in view of its closed form, a good test for the approximate methods.