Articles in press

Papers to appear in JTAM, vol 53, no. 4, 2015


Andrei A., Stan D., Tulcan A. – An evaluation of specific process-parameters and ultrasonically activated injection that have an effect on the quality of filling in thin wall plastic parts

Asemi K., Jedari Salami S., Sadighi M., Salehi M. – A study on low velocity impact response of FGM rectangular plates with 3D elasticity based graded finite element modeling

Augustyn E., Kozień M.S. – Analytical solution of excited torsional vibrations of prismatic thin-walled beams

Ciesielski M., Błaszczyk T. – Numerical solution of non-homogenous fractional oscillator equation in integral form

Cupiał P., Łacny Ł. – Neural Network controller design considerations for the active damping of a smart beam

Dobry M.W., Hermann T. – Differences in energy flow in three directions in human-tool biomechanical systems based on spatial human physical models specified in the ISO 10062:2012 standard

Ebrahimi F., Nasirzadeh P. – A nonlocal Timoshenko beam theory for vibration analysis of thick nanobeams using differential transform method

Ferdek U., Łuczko J. – Performance comparison of active and semi-active regulators SMC and LQR in a quarter-car model

Ghorbanpour Arani A., Yousefi M., Dashti P. – Flexural vibration of coupled DWCNTs conveying fluid under thermo-magnetic fields based on strain gradient theory

Goldasz J. – Theoretical study of a twin-tube magnetorheological damper concept

Hajhashemkhani M., Hematiyan M.R. – Determination of material parameters of isotropic and anisotropic hyper-elastic materials using boundary measured data

Heidari H., Haghpanahi M., Korayem M.H. – Payload maximization for mobile flexible manipulators in an environment with obstacle

Hożejowska S. – Homotopy perturbation method combined with Trefftz method in numerical identification of liquid temperature in flow boiling

Kahnamouei J.T., Nazari E. – Experimental and numerical investigation of friction coefficient effects on defects in horizontal tube bending process

Kashkoli M.D., Nejad M.Z. – Time-dependent thermo-elastic creep analysis of thick-walled spherical pressure vessels made of functionally graded materials

Kumaniecka A., Prącik M. – Vibration of a discrete-continuous structure under moving load with one or two contact points

Kumar K., Singh V., Sharma S. – Linear stability analysis for ferromagnetic fluids in the presence of magnetic field, compressibility, internal heat source and rotation through a porous medium

Mirsalimov V.M., Hasanov S.G. – Effect of damages on crack development in coating on elastic foundation

Nikolova G., Ivanova J. – Cracked bi-material structure subjected to monotanically increasing thermal loading determination of the interfacial shear and peeling stresses

Pawlus D. – Dynamic behavior of three-layered annular plates with viscoelastic core under lateral loads

Rezini D., Khaldi A., Bouzid K., Rahmani Y. – Analyzing square plate diagonal compression using Beltrami-Michell methodology

Sharma V., Kumar S. – Effects of liquid loadings on Lamb waves in the context of size dependent couple stress theory

Stańczyk T.L., Zuska A. – Application of anthropodynamic dummies for evaluating the impact of vehicle seat vibrations upon human body

Ważny M. – The method of estimating lifetimes of devices and their elements that operate under ageing-attributable wearing conditions

Zafarman H., Kadhodayan M. – Free vibrations analysis of thick functionally graded nanocomposite disks with variable thickness reinforced by carbon nanotube

Żur K.K. – Green’s function in frequency analysis of circular thin plates of variable thickness


Papers accepted for publication in JTAM

Adamowicz A. – Finite element model to analysis 3D state of thermal stresses in a brake disk

Ahmadi S.A., Pourshahsavari H. – Three dimensional thermal buckling analysis of functionally graded cylindrical panels using differential quadrature method (DQM)

Ashouri H., Beheshti B., Ebrahimzadeh M.R. –  Analysis of fatigue cracks of diesel engines cylinder heads

Bałchanowski J. – Modelling and simulation researches of robot chassis levelling control system of the wheel-legged mobile robot

Beneš P., Valášek M. –  Optimized re-entry input shapers

Esfandiar H., Korayem M.H. – Optimal point to point path planning of flexible manipulator under large deformation by using harmony search method

Ferdek U., Łuczko J. – Vibration analysis of a half-car model with semi-active damping

Głowiński S., Krzyżyński T. – Kinematic algorithm for the human leg

Graffstein J. –Spatial motion of the aircraft manoeuvring to avoid moving obstacle

Hentschel O.P., Bonhage M., Panning-Von Scheidt L., Wallaschek J., Denk M., Masserey P.-A. – Analysis of an experimental setup for structural damping identification

Kalali A.T., Hassani B., Hadidi-Moud S. – Elastic-plastic analysis of pressure vessels and rotating disks made of functionally graded materials using the isogeometric approach

Kluger K., Łagoda T. –  Fatigue life estimation for selected materials in multiaxial stress states with mean stress

Kondriatuk M., Ambroziak L. – Conception of the magnetic launcher for a medium class unmanned aerial vehicles designed on the basis of numerical calculations

Kopecki T., Bakunowicz J., Lis T. – Post-critical deformation states of composite thin-walled aircraft load-bearing structures

Koruba Z., Nocoń Ł. – Numerical analysis of the dynamics of automatically tracked  anti-tank guided missile using polynomial functions

Kosbolov S., Zhauyt A., Kosbolov S. – Kinematic synthesis of spatial linkages with spherical pairs

Kozuń M.Delamination properties of the human thoracic artery wall with early stage of atherosclerosis lesions

Kumar P., Hoshoudy G., Mohan H. – Vorticity transport analysis in magnetic viscoelastic fluid

Latifov F.S., Mehdiyev M.A. –  Non-linear parametric vibrations of viscous-elastic medium-contacting longitudinally strengthened orthotropic cylindrical shell

Lichota P. – Inclusion of the d-optimality in multisine manoeuvre design for aircraft parameter estimation

Loghman A., Shayestemoghadam H. – Magneto-thermo-mechanical creep behavior of nano-composite rotating cylinder made of polypropylene reinforced by MWCNTS

Lubowiecka I., Szepietowska K., Szymczak Cz., Tomaszewska A.
A preliminary study on optimal choice of implant and its orientation in ventral hernia repair

Łuczko J., Ferdek U. – Continuous and discrete sliping mode control of an sctive car suspension

Muc A. – Analytical discrete stacking sequence optimization of rectangular composite plates subjected to buckling and FPF constraints

Osiński P., Chruścielski G. – Strength calculations of an element compensating circumferential backlash in the external gear pump

Shaikh A.A., Kumar D. – Lifting capacity enhancement of a crawler crane by improving stability

Strzelecki P., Sempruch J. – Verification of analytical models of the Wöhler curve within limited fatigue life

Yucel A., Arpaci A. –  Analytical and experimental vibration analyses of telescopic platforms

Zhang Y. – A concentric hydrodynamic journal bearing constructed by the boundary slippage