Vol 50, No 3 (2012)

Table of Contents

1. A computational procedure for the dynamic analysis of the catenary-pantograph interaction in high-speed trains PDF
Jorge Ambrósio, João Pombo, Manuel Pereira, Pedro Antunes, António Mósca 681-699
2. Irrational elliptic functions and the analytical solutions of SD oscillator PDF
Qingjie Cao, Dan Wang, Yushu Chen, Marian Wiercigroch 701-715
3. The Cayley variational principle for continuous-impact problems: a continuum mechanics based version in the presence of a singular surface PDF
Hans Irschik 717-727
4. Energy balance of two synchronized self-excited pendulums with different masses PDF
Tomasz Kapitaniak, Krzysztof Czołczyński, Przemysław Perlikowski, Andrzej Stefański 729-741
5. Nonlinear dynamic analysis of viscoelastic membranes described with fractional differential models PDF
John T. Katsikadelis 743-753
6. Consistent theories of isotropic and anisotropic plates PDF
Reinhold Kienzler, Patrick Schneider 755-768
7. Optimal vibration control of conical shells with collocated helical sensor/actuator pairs PDF
H. Li, S.D. Hu, H.S. Tzou, Z.B. Chen 769-784
8. Finite element analysis of buckling of structures at special prebuckling states PDF
Herbert A. Mang, Xin Jia, Gerhard Höfinger 785-796
9. Wave-quasi-particle dualism in the transmission-reflection problem for elastic waves PDF
Gérard A. Maugin, Martine Rousseau 797-805
10. Objectivity and frame indifference of acceleration-sensitive materials PDF
Wolfgang Muschik 807-817
11. Application of spectral method in fatigue life assessment – determination of crack initiation PDF
Adam Niesłony, Michał Böhm 819-829
12. Transient thermoelastic analysis for a functionally graded circular disk with piecewise power law PDF
Naotake Noda, Yoshihiro Ootao, Yoshinobu Tanigawa 831-839
13. Static gradient damage simulations using stabilized finite elements PDF
Jerzy Pamin, Adam Wosatko 841-853
14. Performance and design of precision-cast shape memory alloy brain spatula PDF
Hisaaki Tobushi, Kento Mitsui, Kohei Takeda, Kazuhiro Kitamura, Yukiharu Yoshimi 855-869
15. Safety of bridges and breakwaters estimated through general principles for limit state design by Japan Society of Civil Engineers PDF
Eiichi Watanabe 871-883