Vol 49, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents

1. Simulation of the friction factor in a yield-stress slurry flow which exhibits turbulence damping near the pipe wall PDF
Artur Bartosik 283-300
2. Measurement of flow rate in square-sectioned duct bend PDF
Kazimierz Rup, Łukasz Malinowski, Piotr Sarna 301-311
3. Experimental characterization of hybrid noise control systems acting in acoustic duct PDF
Barbara Tiseo, Antonio Concilio, Salvatore Ameduri, Antonio Gianvito 313-326
4. Multiobjective optimization of the semi-open impeller in a centrifugal pump by a multilevel method PDF
Adam Papierski, Andrzej Błaszczyk 327-341
5. Modal analysis of multi-degree-of-freedom systems with repeated frequencies – analytical approach PDF
Rafał Palej, Artur Krowiak 343-354
6. Spline description of non-typical gears for belt transmissions PDF
Piotr Krawiec, Adam Marlewski 355-367
7. "PIES" in problems of 2D elasticity with body forces on polygonal domains PDF
Agnieszka Bołtuć, Eugeniusz Zieniuk 369-384
8. Non-stationary heat transfer in a hollow cylinder with functionally graded material properties PDF
Piotr Ostrowski, Bohdan Michalak 385-397
9. Damage detection in beams using wavelet transform on higher vibration modes PDF
Magdalena Rucka 399-417
10. Sensitivity analysis of an identification method dedicated to nonlinear systems working under operational loads PDF
Joanna Iwaniec 419-438
11. Mathematical modelling of a rectangular sandwich plate with a metal foam core PDF
Ewa Magnucka-Blandzi 439-455
12. On the dynamic coefficient of load generating an expanding spherical stress wave in elastic medium PDF
Edward Włodarczyk, Mariusz Zielenkiewicz 457-475
13. Investigations of aerodynamics of Tesla bladeless microturbines PDF
Piotr Lampart, Łukasz Jędrzejewski 477-499
14. Self-similar flow of a non-ideal gas with increasing energy behind a magnetogasdynamic shock wave under a gravitational field PDF
Kaushal K. Singh, Bineeta Nath 501-513
15. A nonlinear model for the elastoplastic analysis of 2D frames accounting for damage PDF
Antolín Lorenzana, Pablo M. López-Reyes, Edwin Chica, José M.G. Terán, Mariano Cacho 515-529
16. Modelling of carbon nanotubes behaviour with the use of a thin shell theory PDF
Aleksander Muc 531-540
17. An experimental analysis of the flow structure in various configurations of a circular-planar SOFC fuel channel PDF
Remigiusz Nowak, Janusz S. Szmyd 541-564