Vol 46, No 4 (2008)

Table of Contents

1. Elastic buckling of vertical cantilevered cylinders PDF
Jan Błachut 741-761
2. Response of beam on visco-elastic foundation to moving distributed load PDF
Roman Bogacz, Włodzimierz Czyczuła 763-775
3. Forecasting the global and partial system condition by means of multidimensional condition monitoring methods PDF
Czesław Cempel 777-797
4. Investigation of the influence of simultaneous vibroacoustic exposures on the operator PDF
Zbigniew Witold Engel, Piotr Kowalski 799-811
5. Optimization of elastic annular plates subject to thermal loadings with respect to vibration PDF
Antoni Gajewski 813-828
6. Analysis of coupling mechanism in lateral/torsional rotor vibrations PDF
Zdzisław Gosiewski 829-844
7. Application of non-contact methods to experimental measurements of human body vibration PDF
Marek A. Książek, Janusz Tarnowski 845-867
8. Dynamics of the catenary modelled by a periodical structure PDF
Anna Kumaniecka, Jacek Snamina 869-878
9. Chaotic vibrations in gear mesh systems PDF
Jan Łuczko 879-896
10. Phenomenon of force impulse restitution in collision modelling PDF
Jerzy Michalczyk 897-908
11. On a method of target detection and tracking used in air defence PDF
Jan W. Osiecki, Konrad Stefański 909-916
12. Elastic wave phased array for damage localisation PDF
Wiesław Ostachowicz, Tomasz Wandowski, Paweł Malinowski 917-931
13. An experimental electromagnetic induction device for a magnetorheological damper PDF
Bogdan Sapiński 933-947
14. Constitutive model of plastic strain induced phenomena at cryogenic temperatures PDF
Błażej Skoczeń 949-971
15. The properties of coupled waves propagating in long suspended cables PDF
Jacek Snamina 973-992
16. Stability of hybrid rotating shaft with simply supported and/or clamped ends in a weak formulation PDF
Andrzej Tylikowski 993-1007