Vol 45, No 4 (2007)

Table of Contents

1. Influence of anisotropy on the energy release rate $G_{\rm I}$ for highly orthotropic materials PDF
Paweł Grzegorz Kossakowski 739-752
2. Stresses of hard coating under sliding contact PDF
Roman Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo, Gabriel Rogowski 753-771
3. Metal tests in conditions of controlled strain energy density PDF
Stanisław Mroziński, Dariusz Boroński 773-784
4. Investigation of unsteady vorticity layer eruption induced by vortex patch using vortex particles method PDF
Henryk Kudela, Ziemowit Miłosz Malecha 785-800
5. Propagation of spherical shock waves in a dusty gas with radiation heat-flux PDF
K. K. Singh, J. P. Vishwakarma 801-817
6. The testing of operating characteristics of cluster air weapons PDF
Andrzej Żyluk 819-832
7. Space-time/frequency/scale representation of the turbulence near the wall PDF
F. Sedat Tardu 833-852
8. Simulation of transient flows in a hydraulic system with a long liquid line PDF
Zbigniew Zarzycki, Sylwester Kudźma, Zygmunt Kudźma, Michał Stosiak 853-871
9. Free vibrations and stability of discrete systems subjected to the specific load PDF
Lech Tomski, Janusz Szmidla 873-892
10. Experimental study of vibration control of a cable with an attached MR damper PDF
Marcin Maślanka, Bogdan Sapiński, Jacek Snamina 893-917
11. Adaptive vibration control through a SMA embedded panel PDF
Gianluca Diodati, Salvatore Ameduri, Antonio Concilio 919-930
12. Theoretical and experimental assessment of parameters for the non-linear viscoelastic model of structural pounding PDF
Robert Jankowski 931-942
13. Evaluation of vibration damping in the modelling of dynamics of a flexible rotor PDF
Egidijus Juzenas, Kazimieras Juzenas, Remigijus Jonusas, Vytautas Barzdaitis 943-952
14. Active vibration control of Terfenol-D rod of giant magnetostrictive actuator with nonlinear constitutive relations PDF
Hao-Miao Zhou, You-He Zhou, Xiao Jing Zheng 953-967