Vol 45, No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents

1. Adiabatic heat evaluation for dynamic plastic localization PDF
Patrice Longère, André Dragon 203-223
2. Influence of the crack tip model on results of the finite elements method PDF
Marcin Graba, Jarosław Gałkiewicz 225-237
3. On the modelling of heat conduction in a non-periodically laminated layer PDF
Jarosław Jędrysiak, Alina Radzikowska 239-257
4. Nonlinear traveling waves in a thin layer composed of the Mooney-Rivlin material PDF
Maciej Major, Izabela Major 259-275
5. Axially symmetric contact involving friction and boundary roughness PDF
Andrzej Brzoza, Volodymyr Pauk 277-288
6. Static friction indeterminacy problems and modeling of stick-slip phenomenon in discrete dynamic systems PDF
Dariusz Żardecki 289-310
7. Numerical calculations of adhesive joints subjected to shearing PDF
Jan Godzimirski, Sławomir Tkaczuk 311-324
8. Singularity of stresses in a periodic laminated semi-space with a boundary normal to the layering PDF
Stanisław J. Matysiak, Dariusz M. Perkowski 325-335
9. Experimental verification of fatigue loading nonproportionality model PDF
Dariusz Skibicki 337-348
10. Fatigue life estimation of notched specimens under bending and torsion with strain energy density parameter PDF
Tadeusz Łagoda, Paweł Ogonowski 349-361
11. Theoretical and experimental studies of energy dissipation in a model of a ring spring PDF
Zbigniew Skup 363-377
12. Dynamic compensation of dynamic forces in two planes for the rigid rotor PDF
Tadeusz Majewski, Radoslaw Domagalski, Marco Meraz Melo 379-403
13. Model based predictive control of guyed mast vibration PDF
Bartłomiej Błachowski 405-423
14. Numerical investigation of airfoil in ground proximity PDF
Tomasz Abramowski 425-436