Vol 44, No 4 (2006)

Table of Contents

1. Modeling of strain localization in quasi-brittle materials with a coupled elasto-plastic-damage model PDF
Jerzy Bobiński, Jacek Tejchman 767-782
2. On the modelling and optimization of functionally graded laminates PDF
Jowita Rychlewska 783-795
3. Numerical complexity of selected biomechanical problems PDF
Marcin Wierszycki, Witold Kąkol, Tomasz Łodygowski 797-818
4. Interaction of point defects in piezoelectric materials – numerical simulation in the context of electric fatigue PDF
Oliver Goy, Ralf Mueller, Dietmar Gross 819-836
5. Plastic interfacial slip of periodic systems of rigid thin inclusions undergoing longitudinal shear PDF
Vasyl A. Kryven, Georgiy T. Sulym, Myrosłava I. Yavorska 837-848
6. Limitations in application of Finite Element Method in acoustic numerical simulation PDF
Tomasz Łodygowski, Wojciech Sumelka 849-865
7. Influence of additional mass rings on frequencies of axi-symmetrical vibrations of clamped circular plates of linearly variable thickness PDF
Jerzy Jaroszewicz, Longin Zoryj, Andrzej Katunin 867-880
8. Tiltrotor modelling for simulation in various flight conditions PDF
Marek Miller, Janusz Narkiewicz 881-906
9. Vibrations and stability of columns loaded by four-side surfaces of circular cylinders PDF
Lech Tomski, Iwona Podgórska-Brzdękiewicz 907-927
10. Dynamics and control of rotary cranes executing a load prescribed motion PDF
Wojciech Blajer, Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk 929-948
11. Torsional vibrations of discrete-continuous systems with local nonlinearity having hard type characteristics PDF
Amalia Pielorz, Monika Skóra 949-962